Alleppey is the southernmost part of India in Kerala state and is famous for its huge network of backwaters. It is as called as “Venice of India”, it is a place of thousands of houseboats, shikara and boats.

In past three years Kerala has become a famous tourist attraction. Also, due to this houseboats prices has increased up to double as they were few years back. A normal houseboat with one bedroom for a day can cost upto 10,000 to 15,000 INR which is huge amount if someone is travelling on budget or in a backpacking trip.

So, in this blog post I will share how you can explore Alleppey in two days on a budget.

Where to stay:

Alleppey Beach : As I had mentioned in my previous post Alleppey also has a very beautiful and peaceful beach. You can read: Kerela- 5days Itinerary

First day in Alleppey I stayed at: Alleppey Palm Beach Resort

This resort is right in front of the Alaphuzza beach and is a perfect relaxing time to be at shore of the beach and enjoy the cool breeze. Very secluded and clean beach.

Morning Tea

To enjoy the famous backwater, Day 2 of Alleppey, I stayed at the bank of backwater in a resort named “Chilanka Resort”. The owner of the resort send a small boat to reach the resort and transfer the luggage.

On the way to Resort

Exploring the backwater:

As the shikara boat sail inside the backwaters, I relaxed and saw the passing palm tress, locals travelling back to home, churches and small houses at the bank and the beauty of green shades of water and reflection of trees.

So, shikara ride is quite cheap as compared to houseboat.There is no pre booking needed and you can easily take one private shikara which costs around 500-600 per hour and accommodate 6-7 people.But if you have big group or want to spend luxurious time then houseboats are also good option.

Shikara Ride
Perfect Sunset

I witnessed the perfect sunset by the backwaters covered with palm trees, birds chirping and pleasant wind.

Must know :

  1. Book a Shikara ride if you are in budget trip, which is easily available and no pre booking needed
  2. You can book it for half day or on hourly basis. They charge around 500-600 INR per hour
  3. Stay in a guesthouse or resort next to bank of backwater
  4. Explore the sunset at the backwaters covered with beautiful palm trees
  5. Apart from backwater, city has very good market. Try local fish and shops for variety of chips
  6. Autos are also easily available for local city tour
  7. Try the Ayurveda Kerala massage

Best season to Visit

The best time to visit is between October to March. Temperature is very pleasant and perfect for the backwater.

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