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About Milkywaytrails


Thanks for stopping by here to know about me.

My name is Swagatika. I was raised in different states of India because my father had a transferable job. So, since childhood I saw new people, new culture, new school, new friends. Also, during vacations I had traveled a lot with my family and I realized I feel so myself when I see new places, every experience make me feel so good and fulfilled.

When I traveled Solo for one of my business trip which was an international trip,I realized how much it is necessary to know tips about the place before travelling. So as I explored different places and my journey continued, I thought to pen down my experience,itinerary, tips etc of my trip which will be helpful for everyone who visit those places.

Coming to the name “Milkywaytrails”, my pet name is “Milky” and I am always fascinated about the universe, galaxies, stars etc and have a dream not just to explore the world but the galaxy we live in hence it got its name “Milkywaytrails”.

I hope you enjoy my travel stories and journeys.